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  • Why do headlights turn yellow, cloudy or foggy?

Headlight lenses are made of plastic. Vehicle exhaust, ozone, acid rain, sun rays, chemicals and road debris all hit the headlight which will cause pitting and an actual chemical alteration of the plastic lens. The foggy and cloudy appearance of the clear substrate is equivalent to the rusting of steel, so, we get the FOGOUT to get a clear view again.

  • How long will headlights stay clear?

That clearly (no pun intended) depends on where you drive as well as many other factors. Factors such as… sunlight exposure, sunlight intensity, if the vehicle is garaged, road chemicals (lubricants, brake fluid, coolant, etc.) dropped by other vehicles where you drive, how often the vehicle is washed, etc.  FOGOUT can not permanently prevent future foggy or cloudy appearance of headlights that occurs due to all of the above occurrences and/or conditions, no one product can. But, with occasional applications you can see and be seen better.

  • Why doesn’t FOGOUT™ use chemicals to treat the surface?

Because it’s dangerous. Because it is not necessary. It is also impossible to reverse oxidation. There are some products from the so-called “competition” that say that they can reverse the oxidation process. Believe them if you will, provided you accept strong toxic chemical solvent solutions that severely weaken/bend lenses, sand paper them and/or paint them with a clear coating. When you apply sandpaper to any surface what happens? You damage it!!! Can’t see through it!!! Worse yet, they tell you that you have to repeat the process often to be most effective. Also, do you paint your car? So, why should you be expected to paint headlights? When it doesn’t work, they say it’s your fault for not following directions carefully. WOW!

  • OK! I’m ready, how do I use FOGOUT™?

Simply read the instructions on the box and bottle. But here they are anyway: wash headlight, dry, open package, take cloth provided and with index finger apply a dime sized dab of FOGOUT™ with mild pressure in a small circular motion to the surface. Let dry, take off excess dried material with a cloth, wash again and you are done!  So, get the FOGOUT

  • Why is FOGOUT so simple to use?

FOGOUT has taken advantage of exhaustive substrate research to produce and offer you a truly state of the art, safe and amazingly effective product.
No false claims,
No hazardous chemicals,
No gloves,
No mask,
No sand paper,
No paint,
No multipart system,
No fuss.
The little bottle that REALLY WORKS!

  • How many cars can I clean & restore with FOGOUT™

Get the FOGOUT 50ml bottle to clean and restore the headlights of about 4-5 vehicles thereby reducing the cost to $4 to $5 per application. Incredible Ha!

  • Why can't I just use Glass Cleaner or household cleaner?

Simply because many glass cleaners contain ammonia and strong solvents that, in effect, accelerate deterioration and yellowing of lenses because they take away plasticizers and other properties from the plastic. So, get the FOGOUT 

  • Can I clean the inside of the lens assembly?

No. We do not recommend it. The outside of the lens should be the focus of your attention, since that is where most of the problems occur. Failure and cloudiness from the inside is a clear indication that the lens needs to be replaced.

  • Will FOGOUT work on all headlights lenses?

Absolutely, if the headlights are made of plastic and the seal is intact. You can tell the seal is not intact when you notice water and moisture inside of the assembly or visible cracks or holes in the surface. Should this be the case, replace the headlight.

  • How about taillights, side lights?

Treat those too!!! FOGOUT works great on them as well. Particularly if your car sits in a parking lot with its rear to the sun all the time!!

  • Will FOGOUT work on all headlights lenses?

Yes. As long as the headlights are made of plastic and the seal has not been breached.  If you notice water and moisture inside of the assembly or visible cracks or holes, the headlights should be replaced.

  • Will FOGOUT clear all lights on Emergency Vehicles?

Absolutely! They can get the FOGOUT too, as we can make them safer, more visible and better looking.

  • How about plastic convertible rear windows or marine clear windows?

Treat those too!!! Get the FOGOUT as it works great on them as well. We have heard from delighted customers that avoided changing a top costing more than $450.00 by cleaning/restoring the plastic rear window with FOGOUT

  • How safe is it to buy your product on line?

FOGOUT is sold through our website as well as carefully selected affiliates around the USA and world. Our testimonials clearly show our success. Our web site uses Paypal secure network for payments. These are the same people who do millions of transactions for EBay, among many others. So, no worries!!!

  • How soon is FOGOUT™ shipped?

FOGOUT is generally shipped within 48 hours of receiving an order confirmation through Paypal®. Your order should arrive in 5-10 working days.

  • I love FOGOUT™; can I sell it?

As we said, FOGOUT is sold through our website as well as carefully selected affiliates around the USA and world. Our testimonials clearly show our success. We have innovative programs which allow our affiliates to make money without inventories or worries. Please read our business opportunity section for details.

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