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So you want to make money, but have not thought how to go about it??

So you don't have a product to sell???

So you want to have your own hours and don’t want to punch a clock every day or battle daily traffic??

So you want to have no investment in inventories??

So,,,,  Why don’t you!!!!!!..........   GET THE FOGOUT™!!!!


Fortunately, you can succeed by promoting FOGOUT™ as a Field marketer. This targeted sales approach allows you to promote FOGOUT™ products and earn money.

What is a Field Marketing?

In simple terms, FOGOUT™’s Field marketer program allows people to earn a commission by causing the purchase of FOGOUT™ products on line, in effect by sending people to our site. FOGOUT™ Field marketer programs are extremely popular due to their simplicity and effectiveness. You can join FOGOUT™’s Field marketer program, go out and begin earning money in a matter of minutes.

Benefits of Field Marketing

The greatest benefit of Field marketing is that it is inexpensive and easy to do. In a matter of minutes, you can get your code and leaflets and you are off. Some Field programs require up front payments for products, literature, samples, procedures, manuals and a number of unnecessary items which only make money to the manufacturer.

Field programs allow marketers to work from home and go out when they can instead of when required. If you have ever wanted to work from home, Field marketing can be a lucrative opportunity for hard working promoters/marketers. It may take very little time and energy to build your area, get responses, build traffic at the FOGOUT™ site, and generate sales, as the potential to earn reasonable income is well worth the work and extra efforts as you get the word out about the benefits of our great FOGOUT™!!!

How to Succeed in Field Marketing

1. Choose a Niche Market

Before you begin, it is important to choose a niche market/area. Do not try to be everything to everyone or be everywhere. Instead, choose a regional area and focus your attention on saturating information to the area in an organized manner.

2. Choose the best area

Do not simply establish yourself at the first location that catches your eye. Spend some time researching the available areas. Create a list of locations and potential volume. List the pros and cons associated with each, including time spent, potential targets, number of targets per visit, etc. It may take some time to find the best locations, but this extra work will pay off in the long run in better site traffic and increased sales.

3. Get out there!!! And GET THE FOGOUT 


       Here is how the it works: …. And believe me,,, it really works 

  • FOGOUT™ provides you with cards and flyers which clearly indicate FOGOUT™’s features and benefits. The cost of these cards is:
    • 100=
    • 300=
    • 500=
    • 1,000=
    • 5,000=
  • Field marketer distributes the leaflets to prospective/potential clients in a variety of ways:
      • Parking lots
      • Exhibitions, shows, etc.
      • Message Boards in Supermarkets, service stations, schools, etc.
  • Remember that the Field marketer is paying for the leaflets distributed, therefore, it is important to recognize potential clients well. For example: cars with faded headlights, convertibles with hazy rear windows.
    • Identification: The literature distributed will have a code number. This code number identifies the Field Marketer specifically (not by name). The code or number will be for the exclusive use of one Field Marketer, and, while Field Marketers will have a right to use other people to distribute leaflets with his/her code, no other person will have that code.
    • Discount or promotion: The code will provide the client with a 20% discount when purchasing the product through the internet, or through any direct sales method available from FOGOUT™. Therefore, the client will type, or present, the code because the code will provide a 20% discount on the product only (not on shipping and handling cost). When the code is recorded and the sale is made, the Field Marketer will get US$1.00 per bottle sold at the price listed. The E-commerce site will keep track of the codes and volumes generated by each code.
    • This promotion/commission program is not available where FOGOUT™ has established a stand in an Exhibition or show. For that reason, special written permission from FOGOUT™ must be obtained prior to presenting leaflets or literature at any show, exhibition or event (i.e.: Calle Ocho)
  • FOGOUT™ reserves all irrevocable rights to publish the flyers and leaflets and will charge for all printed material. HOWEVER, THERE ARE NO UPFRONT PAYMENTS BY THE FIELD MARKETER. Charges will be made to the Field marketer by a deduction from the earned commissions from sales made (caused) by the Field marketer.
  • Field Marketers will receive commissions bi-monthly by check, in their name. Further, the required IRS1099 form will be issued for the fiscal year by FOGOUT, as required by law.
  • Field Marketer must present valid social security and identity documents.

The following is a copy of a sample brochure:

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