Cleans and Restores Headlamps Like New!

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Headlight Cleaner and Restorer

GET THE FOGOUT™!!! Cure auto jaundice!!!

Clean and restore your Foggy, hazy, yellow, cloudy headlights to like new condition with FOGOUT™.


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FOGOUT™ is preferred by drivers around the world because FOGOUT™ headlight cleaner, repair and restoration system REALLY WORKS!!!

FOGOUT™ restores FOGGY and CLOUDY headlight lenses as well as front, side and tail lenses. FOGOUT™ has been used in faded rear boat trailers lights, convertible top rear windows (remember they are plastic?) and many other applications that are listed by our clients in our testimonial page.  Send us your application today with pictures!!!


  • VISIBILITY: SEE AND BE SEEN; at today’s speeds and at the agility of traffic it is important to see where you are going and to make sure that you are seen. In all types of conditions, cleaner, brighter lights are an advantage in improved visibility for you and for the people you share the road with.
  • SAFETY: SEE AND BE SEEN; well, we will repeat what we said above because safety of visibility in all types of climates has already been proven and emphasized. We even used it to clean a windshield that was saturated by a product that claims rain drop displacement. Visibility was improved significantly by reducing wiper blade streaks.
  • APPEARANCE: FOGOUT™ works to clean and restore your headlights, and other lights, making them brighter and better looking. Your car, suv, truck, scooter, whatever you drive, will not look jaundiced, maximizing curb appeal and resale value. How do you think used car dealers do it? It will look brighter and newer, guaranteed!
  • VALUE: FOGOUT™ 60ml bottle will do 3-4 cars. How is that versus our competition… that emphasize heavily on multiple applications to improve effectiveness? There are some systems which require professional application,,,, PPPPLEEEEEASE,,,,  Apply FOGOUT™ just once. It works.
  • COST: Do you know how much a new headlight or taillight costs??? OK, as an example: taillight for a 1992 BMW 318i costs approximately US$285.00. Why don’t you save hundreds of dollars!!! 
  • SIMPLE APPLICATION: Most, if not all of FOGOUT’s™ competitors offer chemical cleaning agents, nitrile gloves to apply the strong chemicals, sand paper to remove surface from the light and later add other liquids which may or may not stick, depending on how well you sanded, cleaned and applied their complex products. Sometime we wonder why they don’t provide a mask!!! With FOGOUT™, follow simple instructions, and you are done, in less than 3 minutes per light!!! Imagine, clear visibility in 3 minutes!!! To start, agitate bottle, whip out applicator cloth, one dab and apply, wash with water, you are done!before and after
  • MULTI USE: We have used it in rear plastic windows of convertibles. How many of you, or your friends, have that cool convertible from years ago that has that really foggy, cloudy and unsightly rear window that you can’t even see through??? Ha? Well, we have added a picture of yet another BMW 1992 convertible with a before and after text. Now, how many competitors can do this??? Their harsh chemicals would melt the plastic and their sand paper would actually make visibility, well, much worse!!!! Even some have products for plastic only, or glass only.
  • NON-BRAND SENSITIVE: What do you drive, what brand? Hyundai, BMW, TVR, Audi, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevy, Buick, Daewoo, Cadillac, Chrysler, Nissan, Dodge, etc...  most all have plastic headlights that will yellow, cloud and look hazy in time. How much time depends on where you live and what type of driving you do because there are many things affecting the surface as it would affect the painted surfaces. Many competitors will explain complex chemicals and effects, listing credentials, which at the end of the day, are dated approaches to solving a problem.  Technology in FOGOUT™ works!!! Period. YOU WILL WRITE TO US ABOUT IT!!!
  • MILD: Very mild; it will not scratch plastic rear windows of convertibles, no need to worry if it gets in your hand and has a pleasant aroma (smells pretty good). What else? Oh,,, it works great!

So, no matter how you look at it,,, GET THE FOGOUT™  Order now!

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